It is time for content Specta Mne offers wide variety of services that can be roughly divided in 3 groups : Video Creation Services, Content Writing Services and affordable SEO Services.

In practice, since we are trying to give Personalized services to our customers, those services are usually combined in Personalized packages aimed to improve your brand’s image and to attract more visitors to your website or social media pages, with the goal of increasing your customer base and profit.



Specta Video Creation   We are creating short promotional videos from 30 seconds to 2 and half minute long, ideal for sharing on your youtube channel or social media networks.

With over one billion people watching every day hundreds of millions hours of video content posted on numerous social network sites it is a good chance to promote your product or service to wider audience.  With posting video content on your website or social media profile you will gain :

  • 80% more chance that a visitor will buy your products or service after watching promo videos, compared to texts and images
  • average time that visitor spends on your website will rise, making your website more relevant in eyes of search engines
  • you will distinct your brand from competition, rising it’s favorability, making it more relevant also in the eyes of customers
  • your website backlink bellow video post on major social networks will have at least 500% bigger click through rate than the one bellow text or photo.

   All of that and much more from a video that we can offer you for only 39 $. For more detailed information on video content creation pricing please check Prices and plans page on our website.

   Besides full promotional video production, we are also offering creation of gripping and powerful intros for youtube, formidable branding tools aimed to catch visitors attention.


  Written Content Creation We can create all sorts of written content from articles, blog posts to complete website content. All content that we create is fully SEO optimized, original and relevant for a chosen niche and interesting enough to attract readers from your targeted audience. Our content writers can cover great variety of niches to suit all of our customers needs.

Original and high quality content is vital for search engine ranking of your website. Your articles must contain relevant information to attract targeted audience, and must be written in a way to keep visitors attention for enough time to start considering using your products or services.

You will gain advantage to your competition by using content creation services from our experienced writers and distinct your website from majority of sites. Our written content services start from 25 $ per seo optimized post with 500 to 700 words. Full pricing tables for article writing services that we provide, you can find here.



   SEO Optimized WebsiteSeo Optimization is most important part of your Online Marketing. If SEO is done properly and if your website or blog  is being regularly updated, with original and relevant content, search engines will distinct your website from your competition and it will appear in the top of search results.

   In Pricing and Plans section of our website we gave some roughly made SEO service packages, but we always recommend not to stick with proposed plans but to contact us first, so that we can analyze your website and your competition to create best possible personalized seo service packages made just for you, which will, in combination with our content creation services give best results and ensure high search engine ranking and increase organic traffic to your website.

   SEO services cost money, but proper seo techniques can increase your profit much more, because they will bring you targeted audience, visitors that are interested in the same products and services that you are already selling.

   We ensure you that, no matter what service you order from us, you will be amazed by the quality of the service that is provided, and even more on high return of investment ratio.

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